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The Candidate Process

The journey begins when you register with us and during your interview we will find out what is driving your search. Together, we will determine what’s important to you in the next move and begin to discuss what opportunities may be available to you and agree to a suitable marketing program should you desire.

We can offer advice on content and presentation of your CV based on our knowledge of both the type of work you are looking for and the sectors in which you seek it. Over the year, we have built up an intimate understanding of the market place and in an often congested market, time spent fine tuning your CV can make the difference between securing an interview and not.

We have a policy of presenting your own CV to our clients and do not standardise the format as other agencies can do.  Ultimately, people hire people and getting glimpses of your personality through your CV we feel is important. 

Your dedicated consultant can then offer you a fully briefed interview confirmation pack which will contain all the details you will need for the day.  From a candidate perspective, we feel that one of the true benefits of using Farrer Barnes is our understanding of the market.  We will know the company and the interviewer that you are going to meet with and so can offer advice in to how best to prepare for the interview.

We will always endeavour to offer you full constructive feedback after the interview, so that you can develop an understanding of areas of your strengths and weaknesses. With these in mind we can discuss how best to address these areas before your second interview or for the next opportunity that arises.