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10 Reasons why using a recruitment agency is the right choice for your business

1. Focus on your core business
The time spent on recruiting staff distracts from your core business activities. This time could be better spent on doing the things you need to do in order to help your business run smoothly. Did you know that the CIPD estimate the average cost of recruiting the wrong person to be £8,200 rising to £12,000 for senior managers or directors!

2. Focus on your existing staff
Although recruiting new staff members is a necessary task in any given company, focusing on the recruitment process too much can have a detrimental effect on your existing staff if you are not paying them the required attention. This can include improving their skills and focussing on their needs. This will also improve your staff turnover and help retain valuable and skilled staff for the future.

3. We have access to a large pool of candidates
Agencies have huge databases of hundreds or thousands of potential candidates. These candidates are often not actually looking for new employment but if asked by their Recruitment Consultant who is aware of their specific employment desires they will consider the new position anyway. Recruitment Agencies have vast amounts of candidates that would be ideal for you role, even if they would not necessarily apply to the position themselves.

4. Screening and interviewing
Recruitment Consultants screen and interview potential candidates all day every day. This means that they are particularly adept at filtering through the candidates that would be ill suited to the vacant position and ensuring that only the very best are passed on to you to consider. With the employing company doing their own interviews and the Recruitment Consultants doing their screening process, together this should ensure that only the most suitable applicants are hired!

5. Using a Recruitment Consultancy is very low risk!
With the policy that Recruitment Consultancies hold – No Placement, No Fee – there is a very low risk in using an agency in the first place. There is no down side to using a Recruitment Consultancy as if we are not successful there is no fee to pay us! This means that in order for Recruitment Agencies to survive, we need to be able to be incredibly efficient and capable at passing on to you only the very best candidates for your needs. We are so confident at this that we also operate a sliding-scale refund system for up to 12 weeks after an employee starts!

6. Specialist Recruiters
If the role you are trying to fill is highly specialised, blanket advertising may not yield the results that you require. Specialist agencies will be able to determine a much better fit between candidate and employer as they interact with these specialist candidates on a regular basis.

7. Cost Effective
When you add up all of the labour hours spent on trying to find your new recruit, not to mention the opportunity cost. Using an agency is more cost effective than undertaking your own recruitment, especially if you’re a small business.

8. Confidentiality
By advertising yourself, competitors gain insight into your company and you may lose your competitive edge. We are often asked to keep the names and other specifics of our clients confidential for this very reason! Recruitment Agencies can still perform effectively even when keeping their clients private within the initial recruitment process.

9. Industry Knowledge
Recruitment Agencies due to the nature of dealing with multiple clients and candidates within specific markets, we can often be valuable sources of industry knowledge such as market trends, salary information and useful facts. We also like to keep our clients informed through our website and social media.

10. Speed and Efficiency
Recruitment Agencies focus solely on recruitment; we are able to act extremely quickly to brand new information that presents itself and due to our fee structure mentioned in reason number 5, you can rest assured that the quality of the work performed by Recruitment Consultants does not suffer because of this.